With continued  thawing conditions during the next two days, it is not possible to re-groom and track set.  The trails are badly worn after heavy traffic over the weekend. We will not close the trails but with conditions less than optimum, users do so at their own risk.

Snow is forecast for mid-week and should it occur, grooming will resume as soon as conditions are deemed suitable for setting a track.

We ask for your patience.








Since the early 1970's the BioSki Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe Club has welcomed both local Sudburians and visitors to enjoy the great outdoors while participating in healthy activities.
Located in the Laurentian Lake Conservation Area, the club manages a system of trails for both cross-country skiing and snowshoeing throughout the winter season.
The groomed trails are open to members and visitors every day and our Ski Cottage is open on weekends from 10am to 4pm and Wednesday and Fridays from 1 to 4pm. The Ski Cottage provides heated washrooms, and sells season memberships, day trail passes, snacks, as well as hot and cold beverages.
Our ski trails are also partnered with the Laurentian University ski trail system giving BioSki members access to a total of 27km of enjoyment.